Gray Parrot : Barney


Introducing Barney, the African gray parrot that will be a hit with any bird lover! Always having fun, this friendly parrot loves to play with children. So if you’re looking for a sweet and snuggly addition to your home, look no further than Barney!

Barney’s properties

  • Age: Young
  • Weight: 400g
  • Length: 33cm
  • Gender Male
  • Location: Berlin
  • mimic human speech
  • recognize shapes and colors
  • learn sequences of numbers
  • ask unsolicited questions
  • have whole conversations with their owners

Buying gray parrots: Here’s how

Many people who are new to exotic birds always have questions about how to buy an African gray parrot. Here are some things to consider when buying a gray parrot:
What is a gray parrot?

A gray parrot is a bird typically seen in the tropical rainforests of Africa and South America. These birds are considered one of the most intelligent bird species and can be taught to speak a number of languages. Gray parrots are also known for their high emotional intelligence.
As such, they make excellent companion birds and can be very entertaining. However, due to their large size and strong personality, they require a lot of attention and care. If you are thinking of buying a gray parrot, here are some things to keep in mind:

– First and foremost, make sure you have the space required for an Gray Parrot. These birds can get quite large, and some can even grow up to 30 inches long!

– Another thing to note is the high energy level of Gray Parrots. They need plenty of stimulation, both mentally and physically, which means they need plenty of attention if you want them to be healthy and happy.

-Finally, Gray Parrots are very social animals. They enjoy spending time with other animals and people, so it’s important that you give them plenty of company if you want them to thrive.
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Is Buying a Gray Parrot Safe for Small Children?

All of our parrots are well trained and do well with children to keep them company and have fun playing